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About Dedeyne Construct

Dedeyne Construct is a full-service construction contracting company who can help guide you through the various stages of your construction project.

Our team of qualified experts manage and monitor projects from A to Z, whether they be renovation projects or new constructions such as residential dwellings, industrial developments or semi-industrial buildings.

Dedeyne Construct is the ideal partner for your new construction project. From the very first stages, our specialised team of professionals will guide you through your project with expertise and know-how.

Through our network of partners, we will refer you to an architect who is suited to meet your needs. We will also assist your architect in technical matters.

Based on the plans provided, we conduct a detailed preliminary study, including quotes or cost estimates. We specify the level of finish for the exterior before planning the finish of the interior.

Not only do we aim at obtaining the best possible price and quality, we also partner with the best tradespeople within the region to help turn your dream into a reality.

Your project manager will monitor the progress of the work until final completion, and will be your number one point of contact throughout the project.

Our assets

>as your point of contact, we will advise and assist you throughout the entire duration of your construction project, every step of the way.

>we closely monitor all aspects of the project to ensure that it runs on-time and on-budget. You will be informed in a timely manner about any changes that may occur, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

>we have been working with the best contractors in the region for many years. This enables us to ensure optimal continuity on the work site.

>all our team members are experts in their field and specialise in one area of the building process. They complete ongoing training to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. Our seasoned professionals are perfectly suited to work with your architect on the design of the plans or in finding alternative solutions.

>upon the client's request, we can manage your project from the very first stages of designing the plans, to final completion. We are experienced in delivering a range of house styles: from provincial and country styles, to timeless traditional or modern designs, and everything in between.

A brief history

Guido Dedeyne established his own construction company in 1973. Initially, the company primarily engaged in construction projects for housing developments. Ten years later, he started incorporating industrial projects. Partly because of the diversity in projects, the company was able to become the enterprise it is today – Dedeyne Construct.

In 2011, Guido passed on his business to his three children: Guy, Catherine, and Françoise. Guy Dedeyne manages the day-to-day activities of the construction contracting company, while his sisters work as project developers for Dedeyne Projects. This cross-pollination between both companies provides considerable value to our business.